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Ohhashi Boxing Gym
Taking a fist mold of Naoya Inoue [History Maker x Naoya Inoue] [Naoya Inoue] [METAL FIST]
We took a fist mold of Naoya Inoue, who is a unified bantamweight boxing world champion, having held the WBA (Super), IBF titles. This is a valuable goods that is officially recognized by Ohhashi Boxing Gym.
[Try it now! You gonna fly!] Taking a hand mold and 3D scan of Riki Choshu (long ver.)
Super realistic goods of Riki Choshu [Be with Riki Choshu anywhere and anytime]
[Super-realistic] Taking a hand mold and 3D scan of Masahiro Chono
[For the person who have no energy]
[For the person who want to get courage]
You can be with Masahiro Chono anywhere and anytime!
MP Promotions
Make official Manny Pacquiao goods 【History Maker × Manny Pacquiao】【METAL FIST】
Thanks to the cooperation of Manny Pacquiao, we could create his fist statue which is completely reproduced even his blood vessels, wrinkles, and pores. The fist of one of the best boxers is only available on here!
Watanabe Boxing Gym
Production of official Takashi Uchiyama goods [History Maker x Takashi Uchiyama] [KO Dynamite]
Takashi Uchiyama is a 39th WBA World Super Featherweight Champion. We commercialized his right fist which is called “KNOCK OUT DYNAMITE” in 1/1 scale.
This is literally “an eternal fist” because it is made of metal.
The bride and groom's holded hands became an eternal product [History Maker x Wedding]
Would you like to leave a moment as an eternal shape. For your children’s birthday, for the person who cannot often meet, for your wedding anniversary, for the victory in a sports competition.
BODY SCAN AT IRON FACTORY [What is full body scanning?]
What kind of service is “full body scanning”, which is one of the services of History Maker?
The data of you taken by full body scan can dance, fight, see in AR, and become a 3D figure!