The hands and feet of baseball players and the faces and whole bodies of singers are their history itself.
In 2017, we launched a project called History Maker to develop products using body parts of celebrities.
We believe that capturing their current images has important significance and value for the industry and children admiring those figures.

a history

Many of us idolize someone.

For example, professional athletes, artists, singers, and actors.
When a body part of such figures becomes a product, it will certainly impress their fans.
Why? Because it is a faithful replica of their body part.
The product is the very person we admire.


Hand gestures such as the V-sign, a thumbs-up, and the OK sign alone can express many different emotions.
The messages on the products will encourage and inspire fans.

Works History maker’s performance

  • Masahiro Chono (ARISTRIST)

    Official goods for 2021

  • Masahiro Chono (ARISTRIST)

    Official goods for 2021

  • Masahiro Chono (ARISTRIST)

    Official goods for 2021

  • Masahiro Chono (ARISTRIST)

    Official goods for 2021

  • Masahiro Chono (ARISTRIST)

    Official goods for 2021
    Material:stainless steel

  • Masahiro Chono (ARISTRIST)

    Official goods for 2021
    Material:Plastic(full color)


Reason Customer reviews

・Players’ hand-shaped and foot-shaped coin banks are simply amazing and beyond all my expectations!
・I hope they make coin banks of all the players on order.
・Hand-shaped and foot-shaped coin banks! They are irresistible for fans.
・The hand-shaped coin banks sold out in 3 minutes That is shocking.
・I have been staring at the pretty nails of the hand-shaped coin bank for about 10 minutes now.
・The idea is so unique and original. A hand-shaped coin bank!
・The hand-shaped coin bank was the only new product that caught my attention.
・Any fan would kill for the arm-shaped coin bank with realistic veins. They know what they are selling.
・The hand is bigger than I thought! This is so realistic!
・My friend got a hand-shaped coin bank and now he is crying with joy.

Material Carefully selected materials

  • Metal

    Our parent company is a lost-wax casting manufacturer. Lost-wax casting is the most suitable process for creating delicate and smooth shapes among many metal casting methods. Lost-wax casting is one of the investment casting techniques and a historical manufacturing method developed in ancient Mesopotamia.
    This is the only manufacturing method capable of reproducing the body parts of valuable players with the finest precision using metal.
    Using metal adds values, volume, emotional touches, and eternity to the products.

  • Urethane resin

    We also develop products with resin by using lost-wax casting techniques. In particular, we use our own technique to manufacture hollow products like coin banks whose production is considered impossible even for manufacturers specialized in resin.

Variation Rollout to various kinds of product

  • Coin banks

    We use advanced technology to reproduce fine details such as veins and wrinkles and special technology to hollow the inside of a product and facilitate curing. The shapes of body parts offer various possibilities of production.

  • Figure

    The inside of the coin bank is also packed tightly with metal, giving it overwhelming volume and bulk missing in an ordinary coin bank.
    We believe that weight is an indicator that determines the value of a product.
    The material can be chosen from light, heavy, gold, silver, and bronze.

*While veins, wrinkles, and pores give a product strength and manliness, the absence of those features produces delicacy and femininity.

  • Accessories
    (Key chains, etc.)

  • Accessories

  • Whole body figure