High-precision manufacturing
No matter how accurate 3D scanning and 3D data can be created, it is meaningless without equipment that can output it with high accuracy. History Maker paid attention early to digital technology and owns multiple latest and high-precision 3D printers.


3D Print
VARIETY 01 Stereolithography 3D printer
Since the accuracy is very high, 3D printed products themselves can be commercialized for small lots.
The material ranges from hard resin to elastic soft resin, and we will select it according to the purpose of use.
3D Print
VARIETY 02 Full color 3D printer
We own a 3D printer “Stratasys J750” equipped with the latest modeling technology.
It is a full-color 3D printer that injects 6 types of resin materials at once and reproduces more than 360,000 vivid colors. 3D scanned data and modeled data can be shaped in color and with high accuracy.
3D Print
VARIETY 03 Submicron 3D printer
By using the world's best 3D stereolithography device, the Nanoscribe system, it is possible to manufacture products with shapes, sizes, and micro-unit precision that is not possible with conventional manufacturing methods.
It is recommended for those who are looking for the topicality, such as battleship Yamato sailing on the hair and something smallest in the world.