Manufacturing with storyline
Since the features differ depending on the 3D scanning method, we will propose the best 3D scanning according to the item you would like to commercialize.
Not only can the moment be left as data, but it can also be expanded and contracted freely, so it will expand the range of commercialization. Unlike figures and statues that the craftsman makes by hand while looking at the pictures, the product is made based on the 3D data of the person himself, so it has a storyline and can solve the “dissimilar problem” that is often a problem.


3D Scan
METHOD 01 Full Body Scan (*business trip possible)
You can acquire 3D data of the whole body in an instant (1/200 seconds) with 120 cameras installed at 360 degrees. Due to its extremely unusual mobility, the equipment can be brought to the site to minimize the burden on prominent people with busy schedules.
Since it is converted into 3D data together with high-resolution color photos, it can be used as the best data for the production of color figures. Also, it is suitable for taking pictures of pets that tend to move because it can be taken in an instant.

*Installation conditions
・Required space:diameter 3.5m、Height 2.5m
・Local setup time:2-3 hours
・Shooting conditions:indoors with constant brightness
・Shooting time:1/200 seconds
・Power supply:Possible if the breaker can take several different 100V plugs
3D Scan
METHOD 02 Handy scan (*business trip possible)
This is a method of acquiring 3D data by shining light on an object. This is compact equipment with excellent versatility, so it is suitable for scanning body parts and objects such as the face and hands. Moreover, it can obtain more detailed 3D data than a full body scan, so it may be used as supplementary data for full body scan data.
However, it is not good at black parts like hair and reflective materials, so these cannot be taken with the data.
3D Scan
METHOD 03 CT scan (*business trip is impossible)
he outside and inside of an object can be converted into 3D data in detail. For example, if you CT scan a baseball glove, you can reproduce "wrinkles of the glove", "texture of leather", "embroidery", "how to tie a string", "habit", and "clogged stone" as they are.
Since a business trip is impossible, we need to ask you to lend the object for 1-2 days.