Manufacturing that will last forever
The best feature of History Maker is that it can be reproduced "completely" with "metal".
This is possible because the parent organization of History Maker is a precision casting manufacturer with 50 years of operation.
Unlike general “casting” that produces bronze statues, we adopt a precision casting method that specializes in creating delicate and flexible shapes. Therefore, we can faithfully reproduce until wrinkles and blood vessels in metal. By using metal, "value", "dignity" and "impression" are created in the product, and these products can be left “forever” unlike plaster and other materials that may be damaged.


FEATURE 01 Types of metal
It is also characterized by being able to be manufactured from various types of metals such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, pure copper, and brass. We will select the material according to your request, such as "I want to make it gold", "I want to make it silver", "I want to make it heavier", "I want to make it lighter".
FEATURE 02 Other materials
Taking advantage of the precision casting technology, we are also commercializing products made of various resins such as PP, ABS, and urethane resin.
It can be manufactured at a lower cost than metal while maintaining the same reproducibility.
FEATURE 03 Surface processing
Various surface processing such as precious metal plating, painting, gold leaf stamping, and polishing are also possible. These surface processing will make products more special.