Manufacturing that can be done from scratch
You can create the 3D model of the 3D object you want, even if you don’t have the actual object to scan.
“I have a busy schedule and I don’t have time to do 3D scanning.” “I want to commercialize it, but it has already passed away or gone.” Even if you have these concerns, we can create 3D data based on the pictures by professional digital artists and commercialize it.


CASE 01 From Photos and images
You can create a 3D model from a few photos or images. We gained a good reputation from customers who have purchased the product, and they said that “it is similar” and “I feel that the person is in front of me”.
CASE 02 From scanned data
3D data created from 3D scanning can also be edited additionally according to your requests, such as cooler, smarter, and color changes.